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About Me

Ernie Wouters founded what would become Seven Edge in 1994 and has coached hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals, and in 2006 developed the comprehensive 7 Edge training and tools platform from that deep experience.

Ernie manages accounts and sales, as well as being the principal consultant at Seven Edge.


Ernie J. Wouters’ passion for team-building and leadership was first inspired in early youth. Born into a large farm family in Ontario where hard work, commitment, honour, accountability and goal-setting were deeply ingrained, Ernie knew that becoming a community leader was never a question of “if”; it was just the family way.

Ernie completed a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta. He began working in the oil and gas industry as an independent consultant, but soon felt called to a different path. He began developing and delivering customized seminars on strategic organizational advancement, leadership, team building, and personal/professional growth in his spare time. This eventually led to him becoming the first police chaplain of the Medicine Hat Police Service. Over the next decade, Ernie trained and counseled police officers and their families on how to survive the ongoing emotional trauma of police work.

In addition to his work with the police, Ernie has coached hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals to reach new levels of purpose, performance and personal transformation. Seven Edge Success Leadership Training is the result—a comprehensive program for developing leadership. Seven Edge Success has been used in over twenty-five different business sectors, including schools, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, churches, community groups, small businesses and large corporations. In sports, Seven Edge Success is used by coaches and players in college, high schools, and both amateur and professional sports organizations.

In April 2001, Ernie was identified and selected as one of twenty-four emerging leaders in North America by Arrow Leadership, an esteemed international program. In September 2005, he received the Alberta Centennial Medal, a one-time award recognizing Albertans who have made significant contributions to their community and society through leadership, volunteerism, and community involvement.


Centenial Medal: Solicitor General - Minister of Public Safety - the Honorable Harvey Cenaiko awarded the Alberta Centennial Metal to Ernie Wouters on Sept 1, 2005. This one-time Centennial metal recognized Albertans who have made significant contributions to their community and society through leadership, voluntarism and community involvement.