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CISM Leadership Training

Seven Edge Success Leadership Training programs encourage you and everyone else within your organization to become a leader. Seven Edge has over twenty years experience working with more than twenty-five distinct business sectors.

We have taken a WHL hockey team to the Memorial Cup tournament. We have helped a city’s emergency dispatch service to become recognized as the best of its kind in the world. We have enabled businesses grow both their profits and their employee satisfaction.

Seven Edge Success will show you how to take positive and practical actions, using our tools and exercises, rather than simply fill your head with catchy buzzwords. This is an innovative, holistic approach to leadership development, giving you insight into all seven “edges” of a person’s life.

The 7 Edges

What are the 7 Edges


    Purpose and Vision


    The Sweet Spot

  • Emotional Edge

    Attitude and Freedom

  • Management Edge

    Efficiency Is Doing Things Right

  • Physical Edge

    Gaining Not Draining

  • Team Edge

    Storming To Performing

  • Spiritual Edge

    Finding Truth

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