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Our mission is to develop leaders who develop leaders. Helping everyone understand what it means to lead and how to live as leaders in a deliberate way every single day. That is the purpose of Seven Edge.

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There is nothing like this program happening anywhere in Canada…Seven Edge training provides a strong and positive foundation to help people learn what it takes to effectively serve their communities, how to enjoy life, and how to become successful. OLYMPICS 2018 CANADA MEN'S HOCKEY HEAD COACH, WILLIE DESJARDINS


Willie Desjardins was the head coach of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks from 2014 to 2017, and is currently head of the coaching staff for Canada's men's team at the 2018 Winter Olympics, who utilized Seven Edge Success training in the world of Hockey.

Success Story

Seven Edge Success spoke with Willie Desjardins about his impressions and professional coaching experiences with the Seven Edge Success Leadership Training Program.

Read the Full Interview with Willie Desjardins


Clark is a leader and insurance expert. He developed the first-ever multi-peril crop insurance product available in the Australian ag industry, and a new farm revenue insurance product for multiple jurisdictions around the world.

Daily Success

Clark and the team at Just Solutions relies on Seven Edge Success training and tools daily to manage the most innovative insurance company in the world.

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Seven Edge Success has allowed us to thrive as a business, generate more income, helped us turn from a start up into a world class international business, and helped us find success that is beyond wealth and assets…peace of mind.CLARK COULSON, CEO, JUST SOLUTIONS AG.


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